Fiat Professional Doblò Cargo

Petrol - Diesel
95 - 120 HP
40.4 - 61.4 mpg (4,6 - 7,0 l/100km)
120 - 169 g/km (Euro 6)



The award winning Fiat Doblo doesn’t pull any punches, with a load capacity from 3.4m3 to 5m3. This is the contender they’re all trying to beat.

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The Doblò Cargo is designed to be at the top of the category in terms of performance and ergonomic solutions, as demonstrated by the regular shape of the load compartment, the convenient handles (both vertical external and “pullcup” internal), practical 180° rear door opening and the sliding side door, which thanks to its wide opening permits access to
the load compartment even in tight spaces. Its low load threshold facilitates loading/unloading operations, while the volume of up to 5 m3, the load capacity greater than 1 tonne and the internal length of up to 2.17 m make the Doblò Cargo perfect for any use, maintaining its status of “best in class” in the category and the best work partner.
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“Best in class” in terms of handling and driving Comfort: the Doblò cargo, thanks to its Bi-Link suspension, the improved gearbox and clutch and its wide range of engines, ensures smooth And comfortable driving in every situation. Additionally, thanks to the “one mission one engine” strategy, the Doblò cargo offers the utmost performance, according to the various Professional requirements and types of use. Its powertrains, ideal both in town and on long Distances, are able to offer more impressive performance, high torque at all speeds and optimal consumption, for great running costs.

Diesel engines:
- 1.3 MultiJet2 95 HP
- 1.6 MultiJet2 105 HP
- 1.6 MultiJet2 120 HP

Petrol engine:
- 1.4 MPI 95 HP

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The “EcoJet” versions of the 1.3 MultiJet2 (95 HP) and 1.6 MultiJet2 (105 HP) engines off er a considerable reduction in terms of fuel consumption and emissions level, thanks to the use of the Start&Stop system, low rolling resistance tyres, low-viscosity oil, “intelligent”
alternator, variable displacement oil pump and aerodynamic pack. This all permits a reduction in consumption of up to 12%.
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The doblò cargo features a thoroughly restyled design, using the same approach as car design. Emerging from the more modern and distinctive front end is a more streamlined bonnet that follows the curve of the roof, the new bumpers and a front grille, plus the new rear light clusters that highlight the horizontal progress of the lines and enclose the Fiat logo. These new features make for a more harmonious whole, in which the Doblò cargo, while remaining true to Itself, has a more compact, well-proportioned appearance.
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Fiat Professional Doblò Cargo

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